Eforie Nord is one of the most popular resorts on the Black Sea coast. Tourists from all over the country and of all ages love the wide beaches with perfect bathing water. Lake Techirghiol is another key attraction in Eforie Nord.

Eforie Nord resort

Eforie Nord is a locality located on the shore of the Black Sea, part of the city of Eforie in Constanța County. Eforie Nord is located 12 kilometers from the city of Constanța. Eforie Nord, resort is one of the seaside resorts with rapid development recently, preferred by tourists from all over the country. The resort is attractive both for families and for those looking for fun. There are many restaurants, terraces and clubs available to tourists. The beaches are well-kept and offer very pleasant ways of spending free time: sky-jet.

Steaua de Mare Beach in Eforie Nord.

Steaua de Mare beach, located just 20 meters from our location, is part of the 3 km of Black Sea beach in the Eforie Nord resort. The beach is large, being appreciated by tourists for its fine sand, cleanliness and the way it is arranged. Big and small alike enjoy a smooth entry into the water. The shallow water at the shore is perfect for swimming. The bravest find deeper water to swim in. On Steaua de Mare beach you can choose to rent a deckchair and umbrella. As long as the beach day is long, you will surely want to cool off with a beer, juice or ice cream, or enjoy a coffee or a frappé right on the beach.

Diving in the Black Sea

Recreational diving is becoming an increasingly popular activity in the Black Sea. It is a sport of total relaxation, an activity dedicated to the sea and its vegetation. Suitable places for diving are both in Eforie Nord or Eforie Sud, but also in the neighboring resorts (Costinești, Vama Veche). Specialized companies can provide you with all the necessary equipment, transport by boat to the location, a short training course, but also underwater accompaniment for beginners.

Lake Techirghiol

In addition to the 3 kilometers of Black Sea beach, Eforie Nord is also bordered by Lake Techirghiol. The curative and therapeutic properties of the mud from Lake Techirghiol are known throughout the country and abroad. Eforie Nord is thus a favorite destination for those looking for spa tourism.

Where to eat in Eforie Nord

You can choose between restaurants, pizzerias, terraces, patisseries and pretzel shops that satisfy the most diverse tastes. Of course, you can always use the kitchen of the apartment where you are staying. Itinerary

Horse riding Mangalia

The Mangalia stud is located less than five hundred meters from the beach that connects the Saturn and Venus resorts and dates back to 1926-1928. The complex has a trotting and galloping hippodrome, and within the facility, horse riding is practiced, leisure walks - on horseback or in a carriage - along the Black Sea can be carried out. The Mangalia stud farm is the largest in Southeast Europe and is populated only by thoroughbred horses: thoroughbred Arabians, semi-heavy and a few ponies, according to the official page of the Municipality of Mangalia. Itinerary

The town of Techirghiol and the Monastery

3 kilometers from Eforie Nord is the town of Techirghiol and the Techirghiol Monastery. Itinerary

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